Paweł Piekarski | 2011/02/16


Plugin for DokuWiki

Sometimes there is need for nice looking slogan, quotation or article paragraph. For full control you need full control over font displaing as CSS can give. Typography plugin extends DokuWiki markup by typesetting abilities. It brings all font related directives from CSS as wiki syntax.

Typography is syntax plugin. Currently it covers all typographic aspects of CSS.

It gives ability to adjust settings for text look, but does not influence subtle stuff like text baseline or vertical alignment.

That piece of software is not maintained anymore. Anyhow I'll fix any bugs reported.

Plugin is provided as it is, witout any warranty. Licensed on LGPL.


  • favourite font family usage
  • sizing the font
  • line height adjustments
  • set small-caps variant on current chosen face
  • manipulate spacing between letters and words

Pixel unit does not allow you to use decimal part, so 20px is accepted but 20.5px is not.

Due to text-height css property handling when element has children in document tree, this sometimes can behave not as precise as you wish to.


Syntax is XML like <typo parameters>beatifull looking test</typo> where parameters are semicolon separated name:value;

Have in mind there is no space after colon and do not forget about semicolon.

Currently supported units: px, em, ex, pt, %

functionality parameter syntax comment
font family <typo ff:Coma separated, font famliy names,
can contain spaces;>Text</typo>
font variant <typo fv:smallcaps;>Text</typo> only "smallcaps" value allowed
font size <typo fs:20px;>Text</typo> values below zero not allowed
line height <typo lh:20px;>Text</typo> values below zero not allowed
letter spacing <typo ls:20px;>Text</typo> values below zero allowed
spacing between word <typo ws:20px;>Text</typo> values below zero allowed

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  • initial release


  • tweaks for font sizing, as it changes due to inline box model in browsers

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